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NEW offer for athletes at Excelsior Medical Center!

We are pleased to present our newest package proposal aimed at professional athletes and active sports men and women who aim to recompose their body – build more muscle mass at the expense of fat.

For professional athletes, even small changes in body composition can have a significant impact on athletic performance and future health. Tracking body composition in just a few minutes with a DXA scan provides valuable information that can help athletes, coaches and trainers adjust training programs and diets for high-performance athletes.

Whole body composition testing with a DXA scanner is an ideal tool to visually and quantitatively track your diet and progress in sports, even if you are not a professional athlete. It allows for precise calculation of muscle (“lean”) mass gain versus fat loss when striving for a healthy body recomposition.

Did you know that athletes often fall into the risk category for developing osteoporosis? Excessive exercise combined with long-term energy deficiency can lead to decreased estrogen and menstrual disorders in women, as well as decreased testosterone and suppressed reproductive function in men, which in turn leads to progressive bone loss. The so-called ‘Female or Male athletic triad syndrome’ develops, which leads to osteoporosis in its extreme phases and is associated with subsequent increased bone fragility.

Early diagnosis is an essential factor for the prevention of progression to the serious end phases of the triad, including the development of osteoporosis. In at-risk athletes, bone mineral density testing is recommended as early as possible to prevent further bone loss and deterioration. The gold standard for measuring and monitoring bone mineral density is the dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) of the vertebral bodies of the spine and the proximal femur.

In order to meet the needs of athletes in relation to body composition monitoring on one hand and osteoporosis prevention on the other, at Excelsior MC we are introducing a new special package of examinations for athletes, which includes:

1. Osteodensitometry of the whole body / total body composition scan, as well as
2. Osteodensitometry of the spine and femoral neck

at a special total price of 160 BGN.

Be mindful and caring about your body’s health.

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