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At Excelsior Medical Center, you can have a test for osteoporosis (osteodensitometry), as well as a full- body composition test with the state-of-the-art GE LUNAR Prodigy DXA (DEXA scanner).



The LUNAR Prodigy DXA scanner by GE, an American company, is the most advanced bone density measurement device and the golden standard in osteoporosis diagnostics, providing a broad-spectrum of examination options at minimal x-ray exposure levels, without scattered radiation and with immediate results.

clinically proven, safe, non-invasive, fast and convenient

The scan provides an individual assessment of:

  • bone density
  • bone quality
  • fracture risk and
  • metabolic health through a qualitative analysis of the whole body composition (muscle, fat, bone).


  • метаболитното здраве чрез качествен анализ на състава на цялото тяло (мускули, мазнини, кости).



Who is the test suitable for?

1. The study is recommended for postmenopausal women and men over 65.
2. It is also performed earlier in the following cases:

  • family history of osteoporosis;
  • physically thin people, smokers and patients undergoing treatment with corticosteroids; chemotherapy, endocrine therapy and other medications with an impact on the bone system;
  • sedentary lifestyle, the use of contraceptives, estrogen deficiency at a young age, increased alcohol consumption, high caffeine intake, low dietary calcium, hyperthyroidism, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.


3. Active athletes

For athletes, the Lunar DXA Body Composition test helps to: – establish baseline and target body composition values – monitor total or regional muscle mass, fat and bone content – visualize areas of high fat content through color mapping.



4. Patients with metabolic problems and/or overweight who want to recompose their body structure (build muscles at the expense of fat), reach and maintain healthy body proportions.

  Advantages of testing with our device:

Unlike other devices on the market, with our scanner the examination data is saved each time, allowing a very precise and individual analysis of the bone/body condition by tracking and comparing the above factors over time at check-ups. Annual bone density testing is recommended.



In addition:

  • Daily 6-point calibration – providing exceptional accuracy, precision, speed and certainty in clinical information – for use in tracking patients undergoing treatment over time, clinical studies, tracking progress in athletes on specific training and dietary regimens;
  • Wide spectrum of testing options: whole body and individual bone density assessment, body composition (muscle, fat, bone), fracture risk, metabolic health;
  • Prodigy Primo FS patented „narrow fan“ scanning mode performs fast scanning with reduced distortion, giving a realistic image without misalignments;
  • Integrated filter which absorbs X-rays in the mid-energy range during scanning to protect the patient from unnecessary exposure and provide greater speed and optimal dose to the patient.